Protect Central City!

Trolley Square Ventures has petitioned Salt Lake City to rezone seven properties immediately south of Trolley Square to FB-UN2 (see below for details about this zone). The parcels are currently zoned for low-to-medium density residential use and are parking lots or contain historic homes classified as structures “contributing” to the Central City Historic District.

City planning staff and the planning commission have already recommended the rezone take place, despite very limited public outreach to determine what we, as residents, want.TSV

There is no doubt that these properties (especially the parking lot) need to be put to better use, and rezoning them may be necessary to facilitate that. But FB-UN2 allows intensive development that is inappropriate for our historic, primarily residential, neighborhood.

There are more appropriate zones that would allow for redevelopment of these properties while still being sensitive to what’s best for the neighborhood as a whole.

FB-UN2 goes too far and, unlike the zoning currently on these properties:

  • Allows a wide variety of uses including food processors, funeral homes, and laboratories (the only other zones that allows food processors are manufacturing zones, M-1 and M-2)
  • Has NO minimum parking requirement (FB-UN2 residents and visitors are expected to ride mass transit or park in front of your house)
  • Has NO minimum setback requirements in any direction (buildings can be next to a property line)
  • Allows buildings up to 50 feet tall